Angel Aura Druzy – Sparkle


Angel Aura Druzy – Sparkle

Angel Aura Druzy is a joyous crystal that brings enormous amounts of light into your cellular & quantum field.  This crystal emanates hope & a new lease on life; it is the bringer of happiness to all levels of your being.  Through working with the power of Angel Aura Druzy you will integrate this new level of light & then be called upon to emanate & sprinkle that light out into the world in your day to day life.  Druzy will insist that you share some of that light & create a similar healing transformational process for others.  You will be drawn to spread the magic of the druzy energy everywhere you go, feeding off the same light that it showers over others. You will naturally get a buzz every time you share & express its magical impact on your energy field.

©The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester

All of the information within this site has been channelled by © The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester. She is a Celestial Teacher, founder & owner of Sacred Space.

Find Sacred Space’s products, services & Divinity Jewellery at:

All of the pieces on the site have been designed with crystal, metal & symbolic relevance for the individual to step into & integrate the next level of their spiritual power. Each piece will activate & integrate into your bodies of light at a cellular & quantum level. You will be able to feel this transition when you connect to the alchemical energy of your chosen piece of Divinity Jewellery.

Most of the pieces are uniquely hand crafted & you may not see available again, so if you feel drawn to one of the pieces, it’s best not to wait.

Sacred Space, Shop 10 (Level 1), 74 The Corso, Manly, Sydney, NSW Australia 2095 Tel: +61 2 9977 4535


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