Black Tourmaline – Empowerment



Black Tourmaline – Empowerment

Black tourmaline is not a crystal that repels or rolls up negative energy within your working or home environment, which is contrary to popular information.

When you connect to black tourmaline’s energy you are usually drawn to it because you have a negative working environment or home life and have been told by someone that Black Tourmaline will help you repel other people’s energy.

Black Tourmaline needs to be placed on the body to create a buffer field within your own energy. This helps you to be able to hold your light better and not take on the transfer of unconscious negative ego from others.

Black tourmaline is a partial placebo catalyst. Your belief in the crystal helps you to move to a more conscious state of awareness, where you can realise that you have the power; no one else does or should have over your energy. From this new position of power, you begin to realise that your thoughts create your reality. How you got into this negative job or negative home environment is your doing and you’re doing alone. Only you can change how you think about it or what you want to do about it. You are the change catalyst that you need. Black Tourmaline won’t let you hang around too long in a job you don’t like or living in a place that no longer serves you; it will help you to gain the courage you need to step up or step out.

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