Ascending The Ego & Realising The Self To Reclaim Your Power

Ascending The Ego & Realising The Self To Reclaim Your Power

As we go through issues in our daily lives, we often get so caught up with the mind that we don’t realise that what’s happening to us is actually what’s happening to others as well. We get too caught up in the story of what’s happening and processing our own stuff and feelings, to see that others are also going through the same transit.

As soon as you become aware that your mind is being impacted by astrological transits or part of the collective ascension process, what you feel and have happening around you can lessen in its intensity, just because you know others are also going through it.

Often all issues take is a witnessing and a letting go that is required, acceptance is the key to any problem, but the mind spirals into the need to create a drama out of a situation and a need to communicate everything to friends in order to get through the drama.

What is required is basic ego de-conditioning and more people need to become aware of it and start getting control of their minds.

Some transits are incredibly intense and I’m not discrediting the need to feel and release emotions as they surface or explore deeper into the real meaning of things. This wisdom is all about learning how to catch yourself and not let your ego spiral out of control.

We are all human and some things you will need help and assistance on in order to get through. But take a look at how much you are contributing to your own issues. What is it that you insist in doing that isn’t for your highest good? What is it that you need to let go of and what is it that your involving others in that you don’t need to involve others in?

Understand that you are not always the only one that is facing the issues you are facing.

Understand that you are in control of how fast you can fix up your own situations with grace and ease.

Understand that not everything needs to be spoken about and start to reclaim some of your own inner power for yourself.

Yes, some of the transits will bring you to your knees and others will elevate you beyond imaginable joy.

Be grateful for everything unfolding in your world, the good, the bad, the seen and unseen magic and signs & try to live by your hearts navigation system.

Do the opposite sometimes to break out of repeat patterns of behaviour in order to force a better change for your mind and your reality.

Connect with nature as often as you can and be still and feel into its life force that permeates and rejuvenates your being
Don’t forget to meditate daily or nightly in order to get into the gap where you can free yourself of the lower density matrix.

Become the one who can integrate more light into your being from the higher realms and project that into this realm.

You are all a part of the divine plan, all of us have a part to play in the earth holograms upgrades into higher dimensions of existence.

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