Auspicious Event

Today’s energy is an auspicious day. It’s a day that can bring forth the hearth to a new doorway of opportunity. A new doorway of opportunity a new doorway to the next level of your soul’s evolution. Step up to this doorway with new plans, ideas, energy and fortitude to embrace this next stage in your mission. Today is a gateway of opportunity to set a new course trajectory, one that can truly accelerate your path forward with your inner most desires.

Those with real power will align to step through together. There is no earthly battle or struggle on the other side of this door. It is a return to the Garden of Eden of shangri la that awaits. It’s the promised land to freedom, flow, love, magic, comradery, support and life force that can carry you home and into your highest expression of your own personal truth.
I kid you not, this great and unusual doorway day will assist those who are ready to step forward as the second wave torch bearers to light and ignite the way for the third wave of ascension.

Be sure to set strong intentions on this day, whilst in the doorway to the higher dimensional energies.

Ask the spirit of the divine to help you to make manifest your earthly desire to serve.

Speak to it from your heart and request only that which is for your highest potential be brought into your reality.
Give thanks for all that you are and all that you have become and offer up your contribution to now be fully heard and fully realised.

Speak to spirit of your intentions to serve and what you are wishing to do or create.

Ask that the future timeline of what you are intending to create be flushed with divine light and cleared of all earthly limitations and restrictions.

Advise the universe that you are now ready to step up and step out into the next level of the journey and look forward to walking in unity with spirit on the path ahead.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit, for you always guide the way.

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