Faith is an inner currency that grows within. It holds you up in ways unimaginable and supports your growth at a soul level.

Faith is the internal relationship with spirit & the support system from the hidden unseen realms.

Faith is the navigation system of the mind to make conscious decisions and flower with the present moments frequency.

Faith is the gap between the seen and the unseen, that sacred marriage of trust and support.

Faith is sweet when flow is aligned and questioned deeply when things go wrong.

Faith teaches us not to feel defeated when we are let down.

Faith hardens our resolve to continue on.

Faith matures with age and deepens within us as we master its lessons of self.

Faith blinds us when we refuse to see what is not our highest path.

Faith shows us when we could be doing something easier, by letting us down.

Faith shows us alternative paths and helps us to set new boundaries to up the bar.

Faith always guides you in an ever upward spiral. Continuously evolving you to your highest path.

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