In this day and age where your lives are infiltrated with things that control and manipulate you in order to extract what they want from you, it’s time to break free.

Many of you are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunity to step out of the side door and into a new world of fulfilment and creativity, where the only currency is your inner connection to your own truth and self-expression.

You know inside of you lies a universal wisdom that is connected to all things and wishing to express itself fully.

You can no longer sit back on the sidelines in your life, but must dive fully into the abyss. You must take your leap of faith, go all in and go all out to navigate to your highest expression of yourself.

On the other side lies your own mastery, your own self-made freedom, your own ability to speak your truth, your own connection to source expressing itself through your actions, thoughts and deeds. Your own co-creation with the magic and the wisdom of the universe, speaks constant whispering’s of new levels of knowledge and awareness.

Enough of the going within, stand up for what you are and what divine coding’s and knowledge you hold in the core of you. Separate off from the mundane systems that are designed to keep you entrapped and learn to fly to the beat of your own flow.

Now is your awakening to remind you of the importance of expressing your own personal truth, which is expressed in your words and your actions and your deeds.

What do you need to get off your ass to build, what is your dream to create? It takes courage and determination not to fail to succeed. You cannot go it alone without your dream being something that means everything at the core of you.

Get real clarity on your purpose before you head off on the mission. You have all the inner resources you need, but do you have the stamina to succeed and deliver everything you are here to do.

Look carefully at your motivations, because you might not be here just to make money. If you are truly in alignment with your mission, the only thing that should be driving you is what you feel is most important to you at the core of you.

Focus only on what you love, push aside the trappings of fame and money making ideas for these are ego games sent to distract you from the truest essence of yourself.

Become the spiritual warrior ready to take on the new earth.
Become the leader that helps others to shine.
Become the healer whose words touch the soul of another and release aspects of entrapment in their soul.
Become the wisdom keeper, freely expressing knowledge to awaken.
Become the caregiver, passing compassion to those who just need your ear. Become the life force that seeks to express itself through you.
Become the embodiment of mindful living.
Become the sweetest expression of your hearts inner wisdom.
Become your lifetimes of knowledge and power, reclaim any fragment of un-unified self.
Become the wisest expression of self ever present in this moment.
Become all that I am, affirming I AM THAT I AM.

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