Solar Eclipse – 21th August 2017 – Galactic Activation


Image from The Crop Circle Connector’s website

Interpretation of the Image

The outer circle is the Lions Gate Portal energy where Sirius lines up with the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Galactic core during the eclipse season.  The Sun is depicted and the moons eclipse over the sun, pointing to the Solar Eclipse today.  The image also resembles a key which opens the doorway to the transmission of new energetic light body codes.  These codes are explained below as an upgrade to take us above and beyond the earth consciousness and into the ET’s perspective of GLOBAL Consciousness.

The codes are a Spiritual Deliverance through witness consciousness of the 911 timeline (Armageddon Mind Control Software Programme).  To remove the seed of trauma in the collective Human Consciousness, Hidden Historical Timeline Triggers of the Galactic Wars.  Memories of these wars are being erased, so we can live beyond the alien agenda frequency fences & matrices & embody the DNA of the KRISTOS SOPHIA HEART PATH.

Eclipse Day  

On this historic galactic event day of the Solar Eclipse on 21st August 2017, we as light workers are at a pivotal point in the history of this planet, where 3rd Dimensional Timeline trigger events have been deleted from the records of the planet.

Since the opening of the Lions Gateway Portal on 8/8/17 we have been receiving a vast galactic upgrade and further dismantling of the old paradigm.  Our energy fields have been shaken up by the deletion of the old 911 apocalyptic timeline in order for us to rise above and beyond the realms of fear and control that currently reside as an energetic enslavement programme of the species.

Today marks the Solar Eclipse download where we will be teleported to our new energetic light body locations to step up to GLOBAL consciousness.  Light workers that have been working with their creativity and messages from the divine will now be free to broadcast their healing and transformational alchemy.

Rejoice at your passions to create and break free of all negative thought based realities, so you can stand strongly in your power, for the controllers will not win with the power of the light streaming into the planet.

For more information on what’s happening to you at a core level today, please watch the fabulous global Astrologer Tom Lescher link below;


In addition if you are after joining in and connecting in meditation today, I can highly recommend connecting with Meg Benedictine and registering for her meditation broadcast today;


With love and reverence to the Universe…. stay tuned for more…. upgrades as they become available.

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All of the information within this site has been channelled by © The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester. She is a Celestial Teacher, founder & owner of Sacred Space.

The Lightworkers Mission

The Lightworkers Mission.jpg

I am here to understand the earth plane,

to love & be of service to humanity.

I am here to help people;

It’s embedded within the coding of my life force energy.

I am here to work with the transfer of celestial energy to others

& to show them, how they can connect to this for themselves.

I will always use this energy to increase the light I carry & can hold for others in my quantum field, until I return to the light.

I will constantly work at maintaining grounded balance, purification of the ego & my intentions.

I am the way shower.

I am the universe’s bridge to the Celestial Beings

& The Celestial Bodies of Light.




I was compelled to write & template the above mission statement for myself as a lightworker and anyone else who truly believes that this is their calling and their life’s work.

©The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester

All of the information within this site has been channelled by © The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester. She is a Celestial Teacher, founder & owner of Sacred Space.

Incredible Image Source by Joma Sipe